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THE FIXER "45 minute consultation."

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Duration: 45 minutes
45 minutes


 ***Your 45 minute consultation will consist of completing a herbal records form as well as answering numerous questions regarding your overall health. In approximately 2-4 days you will receive a herbal recommendation ***

Linda Baptiste Burke is a Certified Herbal Consultant and a Certified CBD online dispensary owner. She has studied, researched and worked in the area of alternative medicine for over twenty years. Linda's studies come from Chicago State university, Institute of Integrative Medicine as well as Udemy Institute. She also studied at Johnnie Coleman Institute as a Spiritual Counselor.

Linda has always enjoyed working with people in need of health and happiness throughout her life. She thrives on guiding people to their best life using the tools that she has acquired and is honored to be able to share her gifts with the world. 


This is not intended to replace any medical protocols.  Before using any products consult with a physician. FOR INFORMATION AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. 

All information and or products recommended during the consultation are specifically to inform and educate.  This is to endorse the value of making healthy choices. These choices can help to balance your mind, body and spirit during your life experiences. 
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